Investment Philosophy

"Price is what you pay, value is what you get!"
Benjamin Graham

"Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful"
Warren E. Buffet

An investment philosophy you can trust

Our investment philosophy is to seek long-term capital appreciation while minimizing risk and volatility.

Our basic philosophy is according to Warren Buffet’s rule: « Don’t lose money »

Investing is like many other things in life – it's preferable to focus on what you can control. Investment returns are dictated by financial markets which are largely unpredictable over the short term, but investment risk is something which one can control – and the way to do so is with diversification.

Asset diversification

We will ensure proper diversification between the major asset classes – the weighting of which will be determined by your risk profile and investment objectives. Our asset management approach provides you with complete portfolio diversification by sector, asset class, and country – all the while respecting your risk tolerance.

Management style: value

Our approach to asset management is "value" style. We invest in quality companies whose trading price offers a discount to intrinsic value of the company. A good company, good value at a good price allows long-term returns.

Ongoing monitoring and adjustments

Regularly rebalancing your portfolio to ensure it stays aligned with your personal investment profile contributes further comfort that your strategy remains optimal over time.

Our portfolio management services include:

  • comprehensive, integrated offering;
  • a management style: "value";
  • diversification through a variety of asset classes, sectors, and regions;
  • ongoing monitoring and adjustments;
  • individual holdings, private pools and ETF, mutual funds;
  • detailed and competitive pricing;
  • strategic and tactical management;
  • transparent fees, often deductible;
  • tax-efficient solutions.
Are your investments optimized?
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